Game can be played from 2 players up to 6. It is a path laying/dice combat game. Each player will be controlling one of the Elemental Warrior, each warrior has an element power and depending on that element they hold an advantage to another element.  The main goal is to get to the crown before the rest of the players, during the path players will find items to use, creatures to fight , special event cards and even come across each other. Each time a player dies, they must start over at the entrance. 

Player mat WIP

The Characters

‚ÄčOrtogan, the warrior of the Earth, is a traveler who goes from village to village and from

forest to forest without staying too long in the same place. His path is the one the spirit
of the Earth tells him. It goes where there is pain or suffering and helps to recover the
balance, either to the villagers or to the local fauna

Mel-Finakis the last survivor of the Fort of Sorrows, named after the battle in which this warrior lost all her allies and soldiers under her command. From that day, she strove to be stronger and protect her people. Her powers are born of the flame of courage and the desire to protect, but her fury in battle is something to be kept in mind.

Varkandi, warrior of the water, priest of the Temple of the Depths.
Although they are not considered enemies, the creatures of the sea and those of the earth have not always been cordial with each other. The Temple of Depths was founded after the last war between sea and land. His teachings focus on understanding and fostering the bond that binds one to another, on how the actions of the sea have consequences on the earth and vice versa. Varkandi is the current leader of the Temple, an aged warrior who after his last battle retired to seek a more complete view of the world. He is contemplative and of judicious temperament, but if what he protects is in danger, he fights to the last breathe.

Kathalar, thunder warrior, sky traveler: adventurer, treasure hunter, bounty hunter. Without a fixed home, Kathalar has traveled practically all over the world looking for something exciting and dangerous to do. This life has trained his talents and abilities, both physically and mentally. Foolish but determined, impulsive and quick-thinking, not many believe him capable of reigning, but those who know him truly know that he hides more surprises than the world can see.


Events in game will turn the table around and help players gain the led .. or make you fall behind. Events are a mixture of good and bad situations that can take immediate action or can be used strategically to your advantage.


In game you will find multiple items like weapons, armor, potions, rare eggs, and much more.

These can mostly be used to your advantage and only affect/aid your player.

Card Design

Throne Chronicles: The Labyrinth Trials

Cards front is still under development by our talented artist but take a look to our back image, still needs more work but its almost done. Inside the mouth it will determine the item type such as weapon, armor, potion etc.