Who are we

MDJ Latam Games was created in 2015 in Mexico from a dream to bring good quality entertainment to everyone and all. Our scope goes from video games to good ol board games.  Proud Mexican entertainment company.

What does MDJ mean?

MDJ stands for Maestros del Juego which means   "Masters of the Game." 



​Currently there is three projects under development.  We have a board game (The Throne Chronicles) which has been under development for over 14 months, this is our most advanced project and its almost ready for Kickstarter Launch. All rules and mechanics are ready but art is still in progress to be able to present at DevHR in Mexico in September. This is very exciting to see everyone there to play and hear fans feedback. 

It Came From Above is a video game that started development in 2016. This game is inspired by "Aliens" series and " Falling Skies" series. If you loved the survival feeling and the high suspense be ready to experience it to a whole new level. 

The Founder

Ivan Valdivia, is a creative gamer who has been amazed by the many worlds and variety in games. Long has he dreamed of making games for everyone to enjoy. He is some one who doesn’t move with the trend but brings new things to the table. Long has he worked on games but never had the opportunity for production until now. 

About US